Welcome back

After the Great Fire, and many promises to many people of a new site, johnl.org has at last returned, in the form of a blog. Of sorts.

I know I probably said I would never have a blog, but if it encourages me to write more often, and share more, perhaps it is a good thing.

I am extremely impressed with WordPress now. The last time I looked at it, it was still pretty shoddy. Now it is quite impressive.

I think perhaps I will begin migrating content across from my old site...

7 Responses to “Welcome back”

  1. Rockert Says:

    New Site rocks.

  2. Aengus Says:

    vgg, get goin'

  3. johnl Says:

    Give us an oul' link in yer bogroll there...

  4. inky Says:

    You'll be a Digg star in no time.

  5. Stephen Says:

    I'm on the Blogroll?! *Dreams of CMS*

  6. Pedro Says:

    The long silence has been broken. wb

  7. David Says:

    Any chance of a link to the old BBS posts - should they still exist?

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