Footage from clashes in Iran

More and more the regime in Iran seems to ape the reactions of the Shah's regime to the popular uprising. If they continue to ignore the will of the people, and the people remain as united as they seem to be, the days of the ayatollah and the dual political system in Iran could be numbered.

I urge everyone to watch this video and see the increasingly desperate and violent efforts of the Iranian state to put down its people.

Video from Iran of clashes between riot police and protesters

Riot police on motorbikes in Iran

Riot police on motorbikes in Iran

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  1. birgit Says:

    No, other more dark forces are behind this.... it is a repeat of powerplays by thug up on what happened in Iran in 1953.. when a democratically elected president WAS subverted by foreign interest because he refused to share the oilwealth with BP.
    It worked well then, it is working again
    Google: CoIntelPro

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