Stalin vs Hitler – comic relettered

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This is a comic shown to me by friend Meron. It was originally in Russian by Alexey Lipatov, but an anonymous individual translated it the dialogue into English. It was re-formatted by Thomas Silbey. I went one step further and re-lettered the comic in English, in 2005.

I re-lettered all the dialogue and narrations. I re-lettered most of the special effects, necessitating some re-drawing of the backgrounds. Some special effects I left because they made sense as they were or because they would have been hard to replicate. I took some slight liberties with the text. I know Stalin sounds a bit like Seán Connery, and I like it! Imagine the Scot playing Stalin in the biopic...

If any of the aforementioned people object to this re-lettered comic, please contact me.

You'll have to click Read More to see the comic!

Panel group 2

Panel group 3

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PS: The comic was mirrored here, along with some of the extra information about each frame.

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48 Responses to “Stalin vs Hitler – comic relettered”

  1. Hitler vs Stalin | Jeweettoch Says:

    [...] Awesome! [...]

  2. David Says:

    Pretty sweet. Also, nice to see somebody drawing from the historical fact that it was actually the Soviet Union that defeated German in WW2.

  3. David Says:

    Nevermind, not an original.

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  5. ric Says:

    you sir are a talented geniusn

  6. Apan Says:

    Sweet comic!

    About the soviet defeated the germans, don't forget those little details, like when the US sent USSR 2.000.000 trucks, tons of ammo, planes and weapons

    A popular saying: The soviet provided the bodies, the US the ammunition (this is of course a simplification as the USSR produced quite a lot themselves).

  7. . Says:

    Both of 'em were assholes.

  8. Shane Says:

    This is one of the most epic history related things I have ever seen online. :D

  9. NAZI! Says:


  10. STALIN Says:

    I own.

  11. Saran Domingue Says:

    Hey. I got a 502 gateway error earlier today when I tried to access this page. Anyone else had the problem?

  12. Dr. Magoonga Says:

    Canada, Britain, etc. were involved in fighting Nazi Germany just a tiny bit too. The USA actually came in VERY late (years after many countries). It true though that their help, when it finally arrived, was very important.

  13. Adolf Hitler Says:

    I shall own the whole world!!!!! You people can hate me but I hate the Jews!!!!!!! One day, one day, you will see Nazi Germany rise and defeat every country in one piece!!!!!

  14. XtremeNatzi666 Says:


  15. johnl Says:

    That would be a bit more impressive if you could actually spell "Nazi" or "Sieg Heil".

  16. TheProletariat Says:

    fuck all you dickless neo-Nazis

  17. mecklerburn Says:

    mega-awesome comic, but I don't like Stalin to win. >_>

  18. BungaApeFlex#1Jew Says:

    That's right, Stalin won the war. America didn't do shit. No one did but Stalin. Over 75% of Germany's forces were fighting in the east. To be fighting on the western front was considered a luxury and even leave taking, and fighting on the east was real duty. America provided the ammunition? The soviets the bodies? What a crass and disgusting thing to say. As if any comparision could be made to sacraficing human lives could be made. That's like Brazil winning Soccer World Cup and the company that made the BALL being like "well we really won since we provided the ball"

  19. Abhilash Says:

    oh! my god this is the amazing comic ever.....................................its cooooooooooooool.................:-)

  20. Victoria C. Says:

    Nerd fight!

    ...Just kidding; both of them were evil pricks.

  21. In Defense of Comrade Stalin - Page 31 Says:

    [...] For those who do like comic book versions: Stalin vs Hitler – comic relettered | [...]

  22. RT Says:

    Fuck you. Stalin wasn't evil. He did what he head to do in dark times to prevent his country from being destroyed. He was harsh, he was cruel and he was a dictator - but just like with Ivan IV (whom Stalin idolized), his actions while questionable, were necessary and served the greater good. Of course, americans game them both a lot of bad rep in the Cold War.

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    [...] LikeSei der Erste, dem dieser post [...]

  24. Sam Says:

    well i liked the comic, it was kind of short but was ok....and the other thing is very ignorant people coment about Stalin and Hittler were bad...and what's about countries that make invasions to other countries for oil...i'm not saying who is bad just i say people have to think before to talk...anyway talking about the comic it was very good story, never seen such stuff before, peace!

  25. Z3R0 Says:

    RT wtf are you talking about!? Stalin was an evil evil man! he re-wrote history to make himself seem like the hero! he killed thousands of people for no reason, hell he would have someone killed if they were the first person to stop clapping at his speeches! and you are saying he was a great man!? I hope you die you fucking autocratic tyrant!

    also everyone seems to be forgetting the british here? the English and the Russians were the main part of the war, the Americans just joined, because the Nazi's attacked em, if it wasn't for that, you wouldn't have even joined! and sure you helped us, but you barely did a ting, England and Russia (Russia especially) were already low on supplies when the war started, the only reason you helped us is because it took your fat asses too long to actually join the war!

  26. Ichai Says:

    Both were evil bastards. Hitler just died first.

    Speaking as an American, I'd like to point out that it wasn't just the Soviets who defeated Germany. Yes, they did do the bulk of the ground fighting in Germany itself, but the western front and Italian fronts were also important, and it was a group effort.
    I will grant however that the US didn't do half as much as most Americans claim, even if it does make for good TV.

    (Also, the US did do the bulk of the work fighting the Japanese, which is part of the reason we didn't contribute as much to the European theater.)

  27. RT Says:

    Z3R0: "killed thousands of people for no reason" is pure, 100% bullshit.

  28. Z3R0 Says:

    RT: Have you been living under a fucking rock? take your head out of stalins arse and see what actually happened and what has been documented by history and was witnessed by the world as a whole why don't yuh?

  29. LOLTruth Says:

    Stalin responsible for over 10 million deaths. He destroyed food supplies of farmers, "deported" millions of people, and killed anybody who he didn't like. He was a brute who fought his way to the top after the power-void of Lenin's death. If you're going to make shit up, do it to your throwback friends, not on the internet.

  30. Scarface Says:

    Stalin and the URSS are the true heroes o world war 2. There is no possible comparation between Hitler and Stalin, It's like comparing the Devol with Jesus. The USA just sent some supplies to the URSS because they think that URSS was week and that they dind't have chances agaisnt de Nazi's. What the USA really wants was that they destroyed each other, germany would win destroying the communists.

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  32. merry Says:

    this actually makes me understand more about this part of history.....except that part with the sybourg thing...that so did not happened...i dont know....its either you did this sucked like hell.....

  33. philippos42 Says:

    That rocks, actually.

  34. Fresh From Hitler's Page On TVtropes Says:

    "A real strategist recognize the time for retreat when he sees it"

    Oh, the irony...

  35. mayo Says:

    This blog was... how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something that helped
    me. Cheers!

  36. santaclauseking Says:

    I liked how Lenin was teaching Stalin about how to use his power. It is like Yoda training Luke.

  37. La lucha sigue « Sarapen Says:

    [...] Notes 1. Note that the picture above is an excerpt from a larger comic. I’ve linked to the Scans Daily article because it explains some points for the uninitiated, but the original relettered English version can be found here. [...]

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  39. Dmitry Says:

    Few things: 1) US entered WW2 against germany pretty much like they did WW1 - when everyone else was pretty much exhausted and the winner was clear. 2) US profited immensely, selling weapons and oil to BOTH. Sometimes straight up screwing their "allies", for example they force desperate UK trade bases for 50 destroyers, that were built back in WW1 and were in such a bad shape that 6 of them sunk by themselves before getting to Britain. US sold oil to Germany via Argentine, Spain and Brazil. US owned big stock in Focke Wolf and others factories and those factories were NEVER bombed by us 8th Air Army.
    3) US did NOT supply Russians with much tanks. Even tanks that they did supply, many of them were shitty M3 Light and M3 Medium, only some were Shermans (which Soviets LIKED!!!!). US Didn't supply Soviets with many planes. However those which they did supply were mostly popular: P39, A20 were well liked (not as much as Spitfire mk V and MK IX which brits gave).
    4) US did supply lots of cars and trucks. True. However MOST important thing that US supplied to USSR was... canned food. Which kept many people in the rear alive and able to work in munition factories.

  40. adolph Says:

    i want to play this game

  41. Captain Says:

    Dimitry, didn't they tell you never to go full retard? How were things in 1941 and 1942? Who was fighting on multiple fronts and sending supplies, armies and navies around the entire world? Not Stalin. Who was the idiot getting his ass kicked after licking Hitler's balls in 1939 while killing his own military leadership and millions of his own people? Yeah, Stalin.

  42. Arefev Maxim Says:

    That's wonderful, just wonderful

  43. Col. Panic Says:

    Does anyone have a figure for the number of people Stalin supposedly killed, that *doesn't* include all the Soviet and German soldiers who died during the war?

  44. jimmy b Says:

    This is the funniest fucking shit i swear to god.

  45. montefusco (habla español) Says:

    Neither the soviets nor the western allies could had defeated the Reich on their own. It was not just about the supplies, weapons or transportation equipment, the fact is that the USSR wasn't fighting alone. Naval blockade restrained Germany access to supplies and raw materials, while the resources, industrial capacity and manpower demanded by the submarine campaign against western navies was not negligible at all. In the air, Luftwaffe combats units were almost equally split between fighting the Soviets and the western allies, and from mid-1943 onwards defense of the homeland became top priority, and almost the same can be said about the flak that about the Ü-Booten: if german war industry would had produced more tanks instead of submarines, and heavy antitank guns instead of antiarcraft ones, not to mention the manpower distracted by antiarcraft defense and submarine war, things would had been a lot harder for the Red Army. Even in the land battle the Russians were less alone than it seems: even though the bulk of the German Army was engaging the Soviets (no matter how pro-west an historian is, no one would dare to deny that obvious fact), it was not the full Wehrmacht against them, the germans always fought in the East looking nervously over their shoulder, expecting an allied landing in France, Belgium, Italy, Southern France, Greece, Norway, even Spain. As early as 1942, when the decisive Blau operation was launched against the caucasus, with the expectation of bringing the USSR to its knees and wining the war, 3 crack SS-Divisionen plus two other panzer ones were held in France in anticipation of an US-British landing. And after Overlord, german tanks and other armoured resources were almost split 50-50 between eastern and western fronts.

    As for the comics, besides the obvious portraying of AH as the supreme evil, there's a lot of historical truth. The "willpower of the multinational soviet people" defeated the "power of the german race" mainly because there were more numerous and were able of turning out more tanks and guns, that's the simple fact that explains Soviet victory. Stalin powers could had come also from the 30 million of his countrymates dead in soviet prison camps.

  46. Stalin vs. Hitler. | Sanity Is Overrated Says:

    [...] It is as it should be. [...]

  47. willy Says:


  48. Groovestar Says:

    We're all in agreement with the obvious facts - Hitler was a coward and a weakling who was funded and backed by the wealthy and powerful of his time. Racism is the rich coward's ploy to get working people to fight with each other.

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