In A Convent Garden

This weekend, I took some photos in the garden of the former convent where I currently live, St Clare's in Harolds Cross. There's some historical information about the Poor Clares on their website. A lot of people think it must be very spooky to live in an abandoned convent but I rather like it.

I'll post some photos from inside soon enough. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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  1. Living in disestablishment | Says:

    [...] yesterday's post, In A Convent Garden, for the first set of photos from the grounds and gardens. Feedback very welcome. #gallery-1 { [...]

  2. Marie Says:

    I went to school at St Clare's and that was in the 60's, It was not a quiet eerie place then it was full of life and joy with us and all the orphens that lived there, Sr. Peter was the head nun, and I believe she is still around and doing well, All my communion and confirmation photo's are taken in the wonderful gardens at the water fountain, I even done my pre marriage course there as well,
    At that time the new school was not even thought about and the fields went down to the houses at Mt Drummond, and they supplied all they own veg from what they grew there. The convent chapel was amazing, small, quiet and very peaceful.

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