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Return of the Strong State

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

Greece’s newest government minister, carrying an axe

The most important article I read this week:

Austerity & Fascism In Greece: The Real 1% Doctrine - Exiled Online
Mark Ames - Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Here is a stream-of-angry-consciousness passage I wrote about it.

Just in case it wasn't clear:

One of the 'technocrats' installed in the new Greek government is a card-carrying, Jew-hating, leftist-bashing fascist in the classic style. The occasion of the near-collapse of the Greek state is the opportunity they've been dreaming of since the fall of the Colonels.

Another Papandreou driven from power, by no means guilt-less, but at least he tried. This one, unlike his father, remembered to fire the army leadership before stepping down. Greece remains second only to Turkey in Europe for deep-state and army skullduggery, with a side of ethnic-identity fascism.

I know this isn't as interesting to most people as the nice pictures of babies and how they look 20 years later, but it's important to realise that the 'austerity' is a Trojan horse for the kind of hard-right politics that has been in the doldrums for 20 years.
The Strong State is back, and it's going to fuck you again.