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Monday, June 13th, 2011

On a lovely trip to Nice yesterday, I saw a monument to a mayor of the city from 1928 - 1943 and 1947 - 1965,

Jean Medécin,

who had a son who was also mayor for a long time,

Jacques Medécin

who, unlike his father, was fond of


the French political ideology which espouses national independence, including the

Force de frappe,

the tactical and strategic framework for

France's weapons of mass destruction,

which were mostly tested in her colonies and had some costly accidents including the

Beryl incident,

when some soldiers and officials were exposed to radiation, including another Gaullist,

Gaston Paleweski,

long-time lover of English novelist Nancy Mitford, one of the

Mitford sisters,

another of whom married

Oswald Mosley

a notable British proponent of


Docklands music video

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

A music video from May, 2007 for a song not otherwise released.

Video made in Grenoble, France. I had never made a video before, and I was waiting for my clothes to finish washing in the laundrette, and I happened to have my camera, so I took some footage. I edited this out of it afterwards.

Hit the HQ button for marginally better video and much better sound.