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We be side-huggin’, every day and night

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

"Gimme that Christian side-hug, that Christian side-hug, I'm a rough rider, filled up with Christ's love, gimme that Christian side-hug..."

Cultural appropriation by evangelical Christian fundamentalists has gone too far, again.

YouTube quotes include:

DangerCampbell: FO SHO!!!!!!!!!! lol Chris and Tim TOTALLY pull off this look!
kaysee: I was siting with my youth group in the back. lol Friday really was a great night. but hard! I started crying and went to the front!
BlueGreen540494: omigosh sooo true! haha whenever me and my christian friends see eachother we do the side hug!!!

"When I hug people, I leave room for the Holy Spirit"

The world's largest side-hug?

The world's largest side-hug?

You know, suddenly rappers talking about "big-screen TVs, blunts, 40s and bitches" don't seem so bad. I think I'm going to listen to Biggie's "Nasty Girl" now.