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Marlay Grange, after snow

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

The last two winters in Ireland have been colder than usual, with deep snow and frozen roads. Public transport seized up and water supplies dried up. In February 2009, I was working in An Gúm, on the New English-Irish Dictionary project, first real job after college.

I was walking to work because the buses weren't running out as far as my house, and the bike was a non-starter on icy roads. As I walked past my beloved Marlay Grange, I saw the gate was partially open, as it often was (more on that later).

I resolved to get up extra early the next day, and bring my camera to work if the snow still lay. And it did, so I slipped between the gates and explored the snowy landscape, for all the world like the world of Narnia.

I took a number of photos which I wanted to share, but I delayed doing so for a number of reasons. Now there's no point in sitting on them any longer. These may be the last photos of the house intact, a very sad thought.

You can also read more about the house and grounds or take a look at the gate-lodge and its history.

Comment as you wish, click below to see the photos.

A free album for everyone: Sampler by Ulrike Jokiel

Monday, February 21st, 2011

This album has been doing the rounds online for some time, but I was first recommended it by Aengus a few years ago. I really enjoyed the cut-down sound which reminded me of Rebirth and simpler times.. The tracks have no titles, just numbered 1 to 13. I find it to be great music for driving, and particularly enjoy tracks 4, 9 and 11. Ulrike Jokiel is a pseudonym it seems, but I'm not sure whether the actual artist is Finnish or not.

MC-303 SH-101 TR-606 KMS-30 JX-3P RY-10

Here's what Ulrike Jokiel  had to say about the production of the album:

the equipment used is more than minimal: roland jx-3p, roland tr-606, roland sh-101, mc303 groovebox, yamaha ry-10 drumbox
all sequencing is done with the built-in sequencers, the trigger/midi interface is my good ol' korg kms-30. everything was recorded directly to 2-track stereo tape (no overdubs, no mix, everything LIVE). no computer used.