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No light at the end of the runway

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009
Caravans on the runway

Caravans on the runway

Airline jobs once inspired respect and envy. But at Los Angeles International Airport about 100 airline employees - from mechanics to pilots - are living in mobile homes parked just yards from one of the busiest runways in the world.

BBC News link here:

This story of mechanics and pilots living under the planes they fly is really quite depressing, and quite Ballardian. The article details how the dream of flying, the mystique and chic, have been stripped away. These men who followed their dream have found nothing at the end of the road.

Bob Poster, airline pilot, even looks like a Ballardian hero/anti-hero:

Bob Poster, airline pilot

Bob Poster, airline pilot

Stalin vs Hitler – comic relettered

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

The following has been re-posted from the old

This is a comic shown to me by friend Meron. It was originally in Russian by Alexey Lipatov, but an anonymous individual translated it the dialogue into English. It was re-formatted by Thomas Silbey. I went one step further and re-lettered the comic in English, in 2005.

I re-lettered all the dialogue and narrations. I re-lettered most of the special effects, necessitating some re-drawing of the backgrounds. Some special effects I left because they made sense as they were or because they would have been hard to replicate. I took some slight liberties with the text. I know Stalin sounds a bit like Seán Connery, and I like it! Imagine the Scot playing Stalin in the biopic...

If any of the aforementioned people object to this re-lettered comic, please contact me.

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