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Allotment gardens in Helsinki at the end of summer

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

In the cities of Finland, you can find allotment gardens, green spaces divided into little packages of land. Some are given over to vegetables, but most are full of flowers, and the majority include a small colourful building. This functions as a summer cottage where the owner can get away from it all.

Originally, these allotments were created for the poor who could not afford their own summer cottage out in the countryside and to allow them to grow their own vegetables. In the way of things, these allotments became highly sought-after by the rich as well and there are long waiting-lists in each city.

I spent a few hours walking around one of these allotment gardens, while the weather was still warm.

A chilly swim at Lough Bray

Sunday, March 21st, 2010


Beyond the tail-end of summer, we drove up to Lough Bray in the Wicklow mountains for a swim in the ice-cold water. The weather was just perfect, sitting on the rocks, swinging our feet in the water.

David played his mandolin, Ciarán his guitar. Kevin refused resolutely to get his head wet. Laura and I swam out to the other corner of the lake.

A blind dog felt his way across the boulders. The sun went down behind the mountain and we put our shoes back on.