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A free album for everyone: Sampler by Ulrike Jokiel

Monday, February 21st, 2011

This album has been doing the rounds online for some time, but I was first recommended it by Aengus a few years ago. I really enjoyed the cut-down sound which reminded me of Rebirth and simpler times.. The tracks have no titles, just numbered 1 to 13. I find it to be great music for driving, and particularly enjoy tracks 4, 9 and 11. Ulrike Jokiel is a pseudonym it seems, but I'm not sure whether the actual artist is Finnish or not.

MC-303 SH-101 TR-606 KMS-30 JX-3P RY-10

Here's what Ulrike Jokiel  had to say about the production of the album:

the equipment used is more than minimal: roland jx-3p, roland tr-606, roland sh-101, mc303 groovebox, yamaha ry-10 drumbox
all sequencing is done with the built-in sequencers, the trigger/midi interface is my good ol' korg kms-30. everything was recorded directly to 2-track stereo tape (no overdubs, no mix, everything LIVE). no computer used.